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The December issue of The Bioenergy International Russia has appeared in 2009!


In December, 2009 we offer our readers:

Columns “Wood-Pellets”, “Biofuel boilers”, “Biofuel power plants”, “Politics”, Charcoal and etc

As usually, you can find analytical material provided by the leading branch experts, political news, events and much more in 2009.

You can download the e-version of the magazine (you can order the password by e-mail Bioenergy 4(13)-2009The Bioenergy International Russia announces subscription to the magazine for 2009. You can download the form  HERE.


We are doing our best to make our magazine more interesting and useful for our readers. We are welcoming your comments and questions, we are also ready to publish press-releases and news of the biofuel branch. You can contact us using the following e-mail:

Subscription for the years 2009 and 2010 is still open and costs 4500 Rubles per year or 125 euro (for non Russia). In order to subscribe, please send 1) company’s requisites 2) postal address of the company 3) contact information to the e-mail address

You can download previous version of the magazines on the web-page Part of information is in free access, another part available only to subscribers.




In January we have updated the magazine web-site at Besides, you are still welcome to read our magazine at www.wood and



About the magazine

Bioenergy International. Russia is without doubt the most respected printed edition covering the bioenergy branch. The editorial staff does everything possible to ensure that the magazine is interesting and useful for the readers.

Targeted advertising is perfectly functioning in Bioenergy International.
This fact is being supported by a number of factors and advantages of the edition, for example:

- Informational and analytical content
 The Bioenergy International targets qualified specialists in the branch, as well as the beginners and developing producers of biofuel. Whenever a specialist takes one of the issues of our magazine, he is expecting to find a variety of interesting publications about the topic of his interest. Each edition is being proof-read by a number of specialists to identify factual errors before printing. We treat and provide information for our readers with responsibility.

- A sound and working distribution system
 Distribution of a major part of the circulation is commercialized and our main distribution channels are subscription, exhibitions, summits, conferences, seminars etc. Besides, the publishing house “Bioenergy International” sends a regular targeted newsletter with the electronic version of each magazine edition.

- A reputable publisher
 The Bioenergy International. Russia is a part of an international network publishing project. The English-language magazine is published in Sweden and distributed all over the world and is a highly respected printed edition covering bioenergy topics.
Editorial staff of the Russian magazine includes people who have a lot of weight in the branch, and this ensures more trust to the published material. We make a profound study of all material before publishing – be it scientific or advertising. 

- Target group
Our magazine is well-known to almost every specialist of the bioenergy branch in Russia and UIS and it systematically read by them. As a result, your information will reach everyone who is seriously interested in bioenergy and biofuel.


Since April 2010, the editorial staff has completely moved to the new office at 9 Linya 24 of 22 (Saint-Petersburg, Russia).


We would be happy to meet you in our editorial office.

Call us:

+7 812 356 55 88

or mail us:

Chief Editor: Olga Rakitova